Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

Tell your nurse if you are or have been recently sick.

Show your nurse any cuts, bruises, or other injuries that you have recently had.

Leave your valuables at home.

Bring an ID with your photograph and your Insurance Card.

Bring a check payable to Beach District Surgery Center, LP for any co-payment due.

Bring your glasses with you.

Inform your nurse if you are wearing contact lenses.

Inform your nurse if you have any dental bridges or implants.

Make sure you have a ride to and from the Surgery Center.

Have someone stay with you during the night following your surgery.

Bring a list of all the medications, vitamins and supplements you take.

Follow your physician’s instructions.

Take your blood pressure medicine with a small sip of water 2 hours before your procedure.

Take a shower before you leave the house to come to your appointment here.


Chew gum before or during your procedure.

Forget to bring your Post-Operative instructions home with you.

Eat anything at least 10 hours prior to surgery.

Wear any valuable or fragile jewelry.

Smoke at least 4 hours before your procedure.

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