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All of Beach District Surgery Center’s Anesthesiologists are Board Certified in Anesthesia. Depending upon the Anesthesioligist’s and your doctor’s recommendation, you may receive one or more of the following types of Anesthetic care: Local Block (pain control) Regional Block (pain control) Spinal block (pain control) General Anesthesia Monitored Anesthetic Conscious Sedation IV Conscious Sedation (RN Monitored) Local Anesthetic (RN Monitored)


All of our Orthopedic Surgeons are Board Certified (or Board Eligible). Our surgeons will treat your knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, hand, back/spine, wrist or other Orthopedic injury using our state of the art Orthopedic Operating Rooms. Depending upon your condition, your physician may treat you with minimally-invasive Arthoscopic or other Orthopedic instrumentation.

Pain Management

All of our Pain Management Specialists are Board Certified (or Board Eligible). Your physician will use our state of the art GE Fluoroscopy imaging system, as well as the latest carbon-fiber Pain table. We know your time is valuable, so we provide our Pain Management services in an expedited manner.


All of our Gynecologists are Board Certified and well known in the local medical community. We provide your doctor with the tools to perform many minimally-invasive procedures. Our facility is safe, comfortable, and private.

General Surgery

All of our General Surgeons are Board Certified. Some of the procedures that our General Surgeons are experts in include hernia repair, laparoscopic cholesystectomy, lumpectomy, and sports hernia repairs. Our laparoscopic equipment is state of the art.

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

From a tonsillectomy for children to a complex sinus procedure, our ENTs are able to provide state of the art surgery at our facility. Other Procedures include balloon sinuplasty, computer navigated sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, and other ENT procedures. All of our ENT’s are Board Certified (or Board Eligible).


At our facility, in addition to other Urology procedures, our Urologists are able to utilize the Green-light, and Holmium laser systems. In addition, our Urologists are able to treat kidney stones using our Dornier lithotripsy machine. All of our Urologists are Board Certified (or Board Eligible).


Cardiologists are able to install pacemakers, AICDs, and make battery changes in a Surgical Suite that is dedicated to surgery. Unlike hospitals where your simple pacemaker batter change may be delayed due to an emergency cardiac case, our surgery center is much more convenient. All of our Cardiologists are Board Certified (or Board Eligible).

Total Joint Replacement

Our facility is fully equipped to provide partial or total knee replacements with an expedited recovery. Unlike hospital-based joint replacement, we will have you walking and on your way home within hours. Robotic surgery is available to patients undergoing partial knee (unicondylar) knee replacement.

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